Libby - Jai Dee Yoga - Seminole Heights Yoga - Tampa Yoga - Instructor


E-RYT500, YACP Tampa Yoga Instructor

“We get to know our guests personally. We welcome them in the way we would welcome family into our house.”

Growing up, Libby always felt like she didn’t quite belong. It was through the practice of moving and breathing that Libby began to feel intrinsically connected to all life. The simple process of returning again and again to her yoga mat to focus on breath and form allowed her to step away from the chatter of her mind and fully enter the present moment. Whenever a crisis or difficult transition arose, Libby found solace and healing by diving deeper into the practice of yoga, meditation, and reiki.

Libby spent several years traveling and living outside of the US. During that time, she found that yoga, reiki, and meditation transcended differences in language and culture and built bridges of connection to all she met. Through her study of yogic philosophy and meditation, Libby harnessed the ancient wisdom of the yogic system to examine and discard the sheaths of identity we all must wear on our journey to our truth.

Libby has seen the powerful shifts and ripples of compassion that consistent practice offers and seeks to share that through her public and private instruction, so that each of us may awaken to our limitless heart and potential.

Libby - Jai Dee Yoga - Seminole Heights Yoga - Tampa Yoga - Instructor

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