Allan (Jantu) Kohler, LMT


“Massage therapy facilitates healing; our bodies know what to do, they just need a little help sometimes.”

Allan Kohler, LMT (AKA Jantu) graduated from the Soma Institute of Chicago IL, with a Clinical Massage Therapy Diploma in 2016 ( He has been a licensed Florida massage therapist since mid-2018.

Jantu is currently enrolled at the Center For Neurosomatic Studies (CNS) in Clearwater, FL to become a Neurosomatic Specialist in September 2020 ( This 18-month program is designed to narrow the bridge between medical professionals and massage to incorporate manual therapy as an essential component to the healthcare model and limit the need for invasive surgeries and medications.

Jantu’s pursuit of advanced education stems from witnessing his epileptic mother’s quality of life deteriorate from medications and surgeries. A traumatic method of childbirth is suspected to be the cause of her epilepsy. Jantu plans to further cultivate his skills and experiences to take part in advancing the art and science of manual therapies relative to neurology.

His proficiency includes sports massage, trigger point release, Swedish massage, mobilizations, cervical corrections, and myofascial techniques. He uses a methodical approach to identify biomechanical imbalances in human anatomy with pathology, physiology, and orthopedic tests when indicated.

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